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Complete Basement Development

Old or new, remove and replace, or start from scratch. We provide basement finishing for all types of homes. Expand your living space!

Finishing a basement space is not a small project. You need to choose a contractor that has experience in all areas of home remodelling. Basement development is our specialty and we can help you out with a complete finished basement space or we can simply help you out with finishing off some of your basement space, allowing you to do some of the work yourself.

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Saskatoon basement development permits

 We apply for all of the necessary city permits for your basement development. We take care of all the city inspection bookings and onsite meetings with the city inspectors to make sure that your project is inspected and passed without deficiencies… ready for you to enjoy.

Design | 2D – 3D Blueprinting

Krawchuk Construction has established itself in the construction industry and is known for its exceptional planning process. We get things started just the way they should be. Our developments include two-dimensional blueprinting, however we also have added the three-dimensional process. We can show you the project vision in a real-life format helping you understand the development’s outcome. This is an excellent planning tool to help you see your vision on paper first, displaying the real life desired outcome of your development before the build even starts.

Basement wall framing 

This is the most important area of your project start-up. We need to start things properly in order to have a smooth playing field for the rest of our experts. Your basement will be built putting the framers’ expertise in all the right places. This starts with hand-picked materials from an individual that knows what to look for when it comes to framing materials, building from precise blueprints for your custom space, laser point inspections by Krawchuk once framing is complete, and the final approval by the city inspector before we move on to the next step. Perfection is key at this starting point setting a square, straight, level stage for the next step.

Electrical | Plumbing | Mechanical 

These are the areas where one shouldn’t “tinker around”. So why would we? We make sure it’s done right by the right people. Our team is not only fully licensed and insured but also, and most importantly, educated. Anyone working in your home will be certified to do their part and will have the proper education and expertise to do it right. No tinkering around; and definitely no handymen, just journeymen.


It’s common knowledge that insulation and the process of installing it isn’t rocket science. Or is it? We use the best installers in this area and of course the best products on the market. We are basement specialists for a reason. Our minimum standard is a R-20 batt type insulation giving you an equal amount of insulation in your basement exterior walls as any new home in Saskatoon. We also have upgrades available including but not limited to spray foam and sound shield. Cheaping out in this area is one of the worst things one can do. With Saskatoon’s cold winters and hot summers, it is important to ensure the house maintains temperature accordingly.


This area of the project takes an unfinished construction phase to the next level. This is the beginning of the end! This stage must be done right. Although one might think it’s one of the easier stages or just a handyman’s delight, let us reassure you this area has to be cared for properly, efficiently and most of all professionally. Our team does this for a living and there is nothing but perfection here. Drywall must be installed correctly, mudded smoothy, and the ceiling texture must be precise.

Finishing | Millwork

If you have ever worked on a construction project you might have learned that good finishing carpenters are hard to find. There are not many companies that complete finishing carpentry to the quality that we do. Hanging doors and installing trim for longevity is a science of its own. Bad trim work is hard to cover up. No concerns here as our corners are tight and our doors swing smooth. This stage will allow your project to shine just as you imagined it to.


Everyone can paint! It’s easy stuff. Painting a room can be a child’s pastime, or something to try out as it seems just that easy. Well, not really. We paint to Krawchuk quality; this means that all trim and doors are professionally sprayed, and all walls are as smooth as butter. Ceiling cutting is done to perfection and we mean perfection. Painting is that final stage that allows all areas of your basement development to show with the extreme quality you hoped and dreamed for. You will get nothing less with a Krawchuk development.

Vanity | Wet bars | Entertainment Centers | Cabinets

This is one of those areas that must be left up to the pros. We feel custom projects require custom finishes. We build your cabinets to fit your project’s actual needs. You design it with us to ensure you get exactly what you want. An allowance is provided for you to have a custom-built and designed final product. We are here every step of the way with you. At our millwork shop your allowance awards you Krawchuk pricing and products. Retail options are also available. 


How can you go wrong with a healthy flooring allowance? This allows you to make the very best choice for your flooring selections. Our flooring provider not only gives you exceptional service but you are also covered with Krawchuk pricing and products to select from. Of course this process is getting you the best bang for your buck when you explore your options for your development’s flooring needs.

Bathroom fixtures | Accessories | Mirror | Glass

This area is a tough one because most people don’t appreciate the quality of a good product until they find out the product they purchased is not up to par with their expectations. We have been there before, and that’s why we have an upgraded standard when it comes to us supplying you with plumbing fixtures, accessories, glass shower doors, and mirrors. We provide you nothing but solid, tested products.

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