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Why We're Unique - Saskatoon’s renovation and interior construction specialist

Saskatoon’s home renovation and interior specialist

Why Choose Krawchuk Construction?

As Saskatoon contractors and Saskatoon residents in the current housing market, we realize how difficult it is to get a reliable contractor to do the work required to make your home and yard enjoyable spaces. Companies seem to be forgetting the basics of business; we will do everything possible to make sure expectations are clearly on the table and to make your job priority. Our goal is not to create too much business for ourselves but to create a business which allows us to take care of our customers properly.  It also seems that larger busy companies don’t have time for smaller projects, or their prices are inflated to cover increasing overhead cost demands.

Our goal in Saskatoon’s construction industry is to educate you on some of the largest decisions regarding your biggest investment: your home. We offer a variety of contracting services to the Saskatoon area, and invite you to learn a little more about us by viewing our website.

  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • University degrees
  • 16 years of trade experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • References upon request
  • First consultation free

Krawchuk Construction Inc. has established itself in the construction industry providing consulting expertise to our valued clients. We will complete the project for you or help you complete it yourself. With a wealth of knowledge and experience we are set up to effectively support your project needs, whatever they may be.

Krawchuk Construction Inc. is known especially for providing exceptional quality, innovative management and professional integrity. We will break down your project to help you understand our process, along with educating you on the steps and procedures we will need to complete your project perfectly and efficiently.

We care about you and your project.  We will put your job first!  We guarantee quality work completed in a timely fashion.  We stand by our personal beliefs and our company. Call anytime for a free consultation and personalized plan to suit your needs.

Jordan Krawchuk

B.Ed. (Industrial Education)

Amanda Krawchuk

B.Ed. (Arts Education)

What we feel is required from a specialist these days…

Krawchuk Construction Inc. is proud to be Saskatoon’s only basement development specialist. What does being a basement development specialist mean? Quick and to the point: it’s simply all we do. How does that make us specialists? It’s a little harder to answer that question. We believe in our industry it’s easy to call yourself a contractor. In fact, the next time you go for a drive around Saskatoon take a look out the window at your neighboring vehicles. The first thing you will notice is the staggering number of “businesses on wheels”. It seems in this day and age on the prairies everyone is a contractor. We are not trying to demote our so-called competition, but rather trying to protect the most important party in any business relationship: the client.  We believe we have entered the realm of specialist in our area of contracting as we devote all our attention to one area: developing basements. This has allowed us to acquire a great amount of experience in several varying basement environments.

Another way we stay specialized is by bringing the same tried and tested trades along the way with us, allowing them to actually become specialists with us. We only use the best and the best have to last in order to become a partner with the Krawchuk name.  Our team is full of journeyman experts that specialize in their specific areas in the building industry. This basically helps create a highly educated and experienced army ready to undertake any basement project. We have, in fact, developed everything from homes built in the 1920s to brand new homes built yesterday. Both bring on their own set of similar but yet different challenges. The nice thing about us is we aren’t a general handyman company; we feel we surpassed the tinkering stage along time ago. We would like to call ourselves a home builder’s little brother. Basically, this means we do everything a home builder would do but only concentrating on the basement space. We feel this would give our clients the reassurance that we have you covered, we have been there and done that, and we want to help by bringing our expertise into your future basement development and only into your basement development. Is that crazy?  Why would you want someone that spreads themselves thin on everything in the building industry when you could have someone that only works on and specializes in what you want them to do.  It’s kind of like buying a car from a car dealer rather than going to Wal-Mart to pick out your next minivan…makes sense to us.

Krawchuk Construction Inc. Biography

Krawchuk Construction Inc Saskatoon Basement Development

I am an Industrial Arts and Fine Arts teacher with ten years teaching experience.  Along with my teaching experience, I have 16 years of trade experience including many aspects of building construction.

My own trades experience combined with my education at University of Saskatchewan, College of Education (majoring in Industrial Education) set me up with a lot of options.  Teaching students about building construction and the trades introduced me to the idea of educating my clients.

Along with the projects themselves, our company is mostly interested in the people (clients/homeowners). I think teaching has given me that edge as the students are most important in my class and Industrial Arts shop.  In the building construction industry it is the people and the homeowners that are most important and we strongly feel that our role is to teach them about their project.

We try and achieve this in part by using today’s social media opportunities and being accessible to the public for helpful advice and to take questions via free consultations, Twitter, Facebook, our website and blogs.

We take the time to walk the customer through the complete building process, what their job includes, and what their price includes. All contractors should do this, but I feel we take it to a whole new level by using our past experiences, our education, and professionalism to bring a personal element to the contractor/client relationship.  Most clients don’t know much about the projects (how to complete them, what is required, building codes, etc); this is why they hire a contractor.

Clients need to know their homes’ issues, why the issues are there, and how we are going to fix them properly. Homes aren’t cheap and they are most people’s largest investments and sanctuaries; we feel it is important that we help them understand their investment and how we can protect or improve it.

In terms of subcontractors, we use only licensed and insured experts. Everyone is tried and tested by us. We only use people we trust and check out ourselves.

A lot of the time it comes down to trust and to whom a client wants to give a house key. Who would you let work on your largest investment and family’s headquarters? It’s a big question. The answer is most likely a friend.

I am the owner and operator of Krawchuk Construction Inc. This means that through the building process you will deal directly with me. I will be doing the work for you. I see extreme importance in conducting business in this fashion making your project as important to me as the success of my business.

Prior to beginning your project, I will take the time to walk you through the process so both you and I are clear on expectations and you are comfortable with the process of building.

I would enjoy helping you create a welcoming space for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Jordan Krawchuk