Reviews & Testimonials

We always endeavor to provide the best service to our customers, and we are very thankful to all of our past clients that have taken the time to share their stories.

Holmes Crescent – Full Basement Development 

Right from the beginning I thought Jordan handled himself professionally. [more]

There were times that the project got frustrating for me, but was dealt with appropriately by Jordan. Krawchuk kept us well informed by our preferred communication (email) through out the whole project.  This was important to us, both my husband and I have crazy schedules, so to be able to correspond by email and be updated continuously was important. We liked that. With regards to being on time and reliable…yes, absolutely.  Krawchuk Construction was very time efficient. Jobsite cleanliness and safety… Actually, it was so clean and safe, I often forgot there were contractors in the basement.  If I didn’t go down there you wouldn’t even know we were in the middle of a major renovation project. We are extremely happy with the outcome and final project. Karmelle and Joe

LeValley Cove – Full Basement Development 

Krawchuk Construction (KC) was very professional from the beginning. [more]

The quoting process was very informative, upfront, and timely, with no surprises. Communication was there throughout every step of the process. Service was timely and excellent. The quality of workmanship and products was everything we expected and more. KC’s performance on our basement far exceeded our initial vision of our development. KC always kept in close communication with us and let us know the deadlines and schedule through email/phone conversations. Everything that was within KC’s power, ie. getting subcontractors working on our basement, they notified us of ahead of schedule. Any problems or unforeseeable issues were dealt with immediately. KC created a safe and clean working environment by using tarps and mats to protect areas they had to go through. All waste products were promptly removed. After drywall was complete, KC came in and replaced the mats with clean ones. The final cleaning left our basement virtually spotless, even our mechanical room, which was not being developed. With regards to the final product we are without a doubt happy with how the basement turned out. We have no complaints with the project’s process from start to finish. Sheldon and Amy

Hettle Crescent – Full Basement Development

The experience working with Krawchuk Construction on our basement development was excellent. [more]

Time was taken upfront to ensure there was an understanding of what we wanted from our space and we were confident from the start that we would get what we had envisioned. Over the course of the project, Krawchuk Construction was always available to discuss any concerns and clarify any questions we might have had.  At all times the communication was timely and clear. The subcontractors all seemed to have a clear understanding of expectations and timing, there were no issues at all with regard to communication. During the entire development Krawchuk was very reliable and always on time. We have two young children, but experienced no issues with cleanliness or dust in any other areas of the house. Work was contained to the basement and the rest of the house remained unaffected. We are very happy with our new space. The quality of work was excellent and the finished product met or exceeded our expectations across the board. Dave and Alison

Bolton Place – Full Basement Development

The project was laid out very well and all areas were covered in the full development. There were no surprises in pricing. [more]

Krawchuk Construction was very respectful regarding special requirements in our home. Our concerns were taken seriously and any issues resolved. We were given email updates on who was coming when ususally a couple days in advance. I felt that I could phone any time. They are very reliable. Cleanliness was very important due to our family having allergies and Krawchuk Construction understood our concern. Extra care was taken with blocking off ducts and cleaning whenever possible and providing floor cover to protect our floors. We get many compliments on our finished basement and it looks as if it was completed when the house was built. We are very happy with the final project! I am in love with our basement! Charlene and Jason

Maguire Lane – Full Basement Development

We were very happy with the level of dedication and professionalism from Krawchuk Construction.. [more]

Communication was very good using both email, phone and in person. Krawchuk always returned called or emails or came over to the house if we had any questions during the project. Krawchuk Construction was always reliable and on time. They also kept us up to date with the progression of the project and updated timelines. In terms of a safe and clean job site Krawchuk ensured that all contractors removed footwear when entering our home, the project site was cleaned by the contractors at the end of every day and there was a detailed clean up at the end of the project. There were no safety issues. We are very happy with our new basement!

8th Avenue North – Partial Basement Development

We would highly recommend Krawchuk Construction for any renovations that you are considering. Their work is professionally done and it was finished on time and came in on budget. [more]

They were easy to contact either via email or phone and always responded quickly to any questions/concerns. They also kept me up-to-date on the progress and gave advance notice when subs would be on site. We had a great experience with Krawchuk Construction. They finished our basement renovation within the original schedule provided. The basement was always kept in a clean and safe state at the end of each work day. We are very pleased with the final product. They have excellent attention to detail and we would definitely hire them again. Thank-you for all your work on our basement!

Stensrud Road #1 – Full Basement Development

We thought the Krawchuk team was very professional. They had our interests at top of mind during the whole construction process. [more]

We are so glad to have retained their services. Our basement is wonderful! Communication was excellent. When there was need for additional decisions to be addressed they explained things at hand quite knowledgeably and timely. Krawchuk Construction must have a great rapport with their sub-trades, as they knew exactly what was being done and when it needed to be done. With regards to their reliability we found it impeccable! They took great care and effort to keep the basement project as clean and safe as possible. Any sub-trades also had the same mind set. We are absolutely happy with the final product! All in all, your honesty and knowledge and your sincere commitment made this a great experience. Thank you. Darren & Casmeara

Brooklyn Crescent – Full Basement Development

Krawchuk Construction developed our full basement. The work was done on time, on schedule, and more importantly, on budget. [more]

In terms of general process as the work progressed the time line got more defined and we received communication on the project by email, phone and in person. Krawchuk always responded quickly to any questions/concerns. The subcontractors that worked onsite were very nice, polite and respectful of our life schedule. Krawchuk made sure to cover the carpeted stairs so they could stay clean. A plastic was also installed in the staircase leading to upstairs to reduce the dust floating to the main floor. Krawchuk himself came on site regularly to check on work progress, and to preform quality control/code inspections. Regarding general timelines and allowances for “product shopping” Krawchuk allowed enough budgeting and time even for a busy family. We are very happy with the final product of our new basement!

Lynd Crescent #1 – Full Basement Development

Krawchuk Construction finished our basement for us. Not only were they pleasant and professional, but they were the only ones who were willing to work with us to get us exactly what we wanted. [more]

They were on time, kept us informed and had a level of quality that far exceeded what building standards are! It was truly our pleasure to work with Jordan and Amanda, as well as the other professionals they brought into our house. I have recommended them to friends and will absolutely use them again. Cara and Jamie O, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Gordon Road  – Basement Framing

I am very happy with the work we had completed and I have already referred Krawchuk Construction to friends wishing to renovate their homes. [more]

We are very satisfied with Krawchuk Construction.  The work was done on time, on schedule and, on budget. After the preliminary assessment and walk through, a list of needed items was sent to us, specifically to remove clutter from the project area so we could be ready for the start date, the projected start date and end date were estimated and also the final cost. It terms of a safe and clean job site all project material was cut outside the house leaving very little sawdust, debris etc. in the project area. The work area was left neat and clean.

Lynd Crescent #2 – Full Basement Development

They kept the whole project moving so that we could sit back and enjoy the finished product! [more]

Krawchuk Construction finished our basement. Krawchuk Construction worked with us on the layout of the basement and then they framed, insulated, drywalled, painted and finished the trim and doors. They worked with the electrician and plumbers, city inspectors and materials suppliers. Desiree B, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Stensrud Road #2 – Full Basement Development

Jordan and Amanda Krawchuk are the nicest people to work with. They take very good care of their clients. [more]

They are very prompt in communicating with their clients and advise them in each step of the building process. They were very much in control of the agreed timetable and very reliable. They were tidy and kept the homeowner’s requests of a clean job site. We are very happy with the completed project and end result. I reckon that Krawchuk did their utmost best to deliver the finished product as agreed upon. I have no suggestions at this point as to how they might be able to improve their services. Francis