Saskatoon bathroom renovation with that new tub/shower?

The first thing to do is rub a dub that brand new tub!

Once you are ready to start that bathroom renovation project, you will find quickly that it is one of the most complicated areas of the house to renovate. Many different trade areas are involved and the cost can escalate on you. These areas include framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, and finishing. Be sure to be on the ball with time frame and process. Once you are ready for your plumbing rough-in, you will need to install your tub or shower. If your project is like most you are going with a ready made tub/shower unit. Here is the kicker: most of the time, once you install these units they are in and they are not coming out, without great expense or damage. The problem that occurs mostly is that the tub or shower unit has a fault or defect, or you accidentally damaged it in some way during the renovation. Now what? You just spent big dollars on a plumbing rough-in and about the same on your tub. What do you do? This unit is the hardest, biggest, most expensive piece in your bathroom and getting it in and out of the house can ultimatly affect the entire finish of your house. First, kick yourself for not checking over the tub in more detail like you planned. Second, call the tub repair man. Yes, it is possible to fix your brand new fibreglass, acrylic or metal tub. Lesson learned: always “rub down your tub” before installation, and definitely don’t rely on the manufacturer’s word before you take it out of the store. It’s unfortunately your problem once you load it onto your truck and leave the store.

If you need help with this repair give us call, we would be happy to help.

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