Saskatoon basement development cost?

Saskatoon basement finishing home renovations Krawchuk Construction Inc
Saskatoon basement finishing home renovations Krawchuk Construction Inc

What is the cost to develop a basement in Saskatoon?

Well, that’s kind of a loaded question.  How do we ensure we are comparing apples to apples when dealing with the cost of such a large project like a full basement development? A very good start would be to:

  1. Get a good in house consultation from your contractor. 
  2. Be sure you understand the quote they are providing you, review it with them and be sure to ask them questions.
  3. Be sure the estimate covers what you need completed, is understandable, and is detailed enough so you know exactly what you are receiving, why you are needing it, and how you are going to get it. 

What’s the difference between a $37,000.00 basement and a $40,000.00 basement for the same square foot basement? In my experience the difference in price can be in the quality of craftsmanship, materials being used for the renovation, and the quality of the selections/allowances you are offered. 

Basement developments are large projects; therefore one usually talks in the  “thousands not hundreds” when providing budgeting for a general development allowance. In other words, there can be big savings when it comes to client selections. For example, I would always give a client a healthy allowance to purchase high quality flooring, custom millwork, and most definitely a strong fixture supply for their bathroom during their project selection process. This healthy allowance is provided to you at the beginning estimate stage before we actually sign and start your development.  

When you are dealing with a contractor with an estimate for such a large project, be sure you know what you are getting for the money you are spending. All areas of the development should be completely transparent from the beginning. 

With our basement developments we may not be the low bidding contractor but this is where the trust factor must come into play. Trust me; you will win in the end with Krawchuk Construction as our estimate actually has all the quality materials needed to complete that basement properly from start to finish.

You always win in the end with Krawchuk Construction.