Saskatoon Renovation Advice and Construction Tips

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DIY Paint? 3 Things to Consider

Painting is easy, right? Not exactly. While many folks think they can save a few bucks on their renovation project by completing the paint stage themselves, the truth is that paint is the one step in the project that highlights the beauty of all the other work. Here are a few reasons why you should leave it to the pros: …

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Krawchuk Construction 3d Model

What is the Cost to Develop a Basement in Saskatoon?

 Well, that’s kind of a loaded question.  How do we ensure we are comparing apples to apples when dealing with the …

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Saskatoon Renovation Specialists

What we feel is required from a Saskatoon basement finishing specialist these days…

Krawchuk Construction Inc. is proud to be Saskatoon’s only basement development specialist. What does being a basement development specialist mean? …

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Saskatoon Bathroom Renvation – Rub A Dub Tub

Saskatoon Bathroom Renvation? – Rub A Dub Tub


Once you are ready to start the bathroom in your new home renovation project, you will find it is the …

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Saskatoon Do You Have Basement Wall Frost

Saskatoon Do You Have Basement Wall frost?

Interior Basement Wall Damproofing! What is it? Is it any good? First of all, basement damproofing is a black tar …

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Beware Of Illegal Saskatoon Businesses

Beware of illegal Saskatoon businesses

Always…………………..I mean always do a check on the contractor you are hiring to come into your home for renovations or …

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Tub VS Shower When Building Your New Saskatoon Bathroom

Tub VS Shower – When building your new Saskatoon bathroom…???

Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a brand new one, the question of tub vs. shower is …

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Taking The Time To Get The Right Tool Saves Time In The End

Taking the time to get the right tool saves time in the end.

How many of us have opened a paint can with a flat headed screwdriver, or worse off a chisel? Guilty. …

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Krawchuk Construction Soundproofing

The joys of soundproofing – It’s way too loud in here!


All families are in need of some quiet time; kids are too loud keeping mom and dad awake, or maybe …

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Proper Saskatoon Yard Drainage This Years Meltdown Its On Its Way Out

Proper Saskatoon yard drainage – This years’ meltdown its on its way out!

Be sure to have all of your downspouts placed in the down position, and extended at least four feet from …

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